Here is a list of things you can do to spice up your sex life:

Thinking of ways to spice up your sex life? Here is a long list of things that you can do. Enjoy!!


Thinking of ways to spice up your sex life? Here is a long list of things that you can do. Enjoy!!

  1. Sleeping naked

  2. Naked baths

  3. Go between legs in middle of sleep

  4. Be opposites for a day

  5. Be naked all day till next morning

  6. Do little x things when guests are in other room.

  7. Naked massage each other

  8. Go for 2nd honeymoon leaving kids to parents

  9. Body paint each other with pro skin color

  10. Whisper real dirty in ear when in public place

  11. Try all kamasutra aasanas

  12. Give a hand with cucumber of acceptable size (little bigger)and envy it

  13. Masturbate each other

  14. Watch erotic movies shag each other

  15. Watch sexy comedy movies

  16. Increase movie level to more and more dirty, till it is vomiting

  17. Talk about your almost near x encounters you had seen, heard, had when doing if ok.

  18. Appreciate best of body and beauty while doing

  19. Do angry fuck, with dirty talk like I will rip your lips off. Be little creative

  20. Fuck when they speaking on phone with their loved ones

  21. No shy day, do things bold without hesitation

  22. Fuckng in forest, open no people area, between tea plantations, in boat middle of sea, between sugarcane fields etc

  23. In a sound proof room, shout what comes out, don’t shy

  24. Surprise sexy night lingerie / nighty or dress

  25. Fast fuck

  26. Slow romantic fuck. Need not cum

  27. Marathon fuck ending with pledge to increase next time after 6 months or so

  28. Shave each other’s

  29. Stay away for long for a month or so and engage again

  30. Put ice stick in

  31. Stick something on hers make her feel boy.

  32. Watch her shag herself, while you masturbate in front of her, with all expressions

  33. Let her on top do whatever she wants

  34. Talk about neighbor beauty while doing

  35. Video,photo and transfer to computer and zip it with password, see it later after 5 years or so

  36. Put big mirror front or top.

  37. Ask her to read decent x story while you play with fingers

  38. Let her do cabaret or belly dance

  39. Exercise/yoga naked in front one after another

  40. Blind and bind, ask her to guess what you are doing. Be little creative to use brush, hard river stone, lips, tongue, yours, water spray, blowpipe etc

  41. Bet to be slave to do anything asked within limits

  42. Darkest night fuck

  43. Moonlight private fuck

  44. Start with kisses initial days. shave, clean first and like each other. Keep it in limits, once in a while

Do these once in a while. Be as creative as you can. Celebrate your sexuality.

Keep yourself right weight and fit

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    Miky Joy

    Missing things like, walking fuck, BSDM, licking her pussy while she cooking, inside her dress..anal, riding, hair pulling doggy…

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