Guide to Great Sex – part 1

great sex

Sex is a natural, biological process as old as mankind, but for many people — especially those who are self-conscious in the bedroom — sex (good sex, at least) may not seem to come naturally. And if you are worried, anxious, self-conscious, or otherwise distracted, sex probably won’t be much fun, either.

The good news is, great sex isn’t an impossible feat. In fact, it may be much more attainable than you may think. It may take a little bit of effort and perhaps a little practice (which will be fun, I promise!) but before you know it, your sex life will be better than you ever dreamed possible.

The truth is, you probably already have the basic ingredients for a terrific sexual experience: desire, passion, primal urges, and a willing partner. Most likely, you are letting yourself get way too hung up on technique (or your perceived lack thereof) and how you insert Tab A into Slot B. Fortunately, that’s stuff you can easily learn, if you have the motivation and dedication. And, since you’ve made the effort to pick up this book, I’m assuming you are indeed eager to learn. That’s half the battle.

Exploring and learning about our sexual nature comes easily to some people and seems challenging to many others. We aren’t taught much about sex unless we were lucky enough to have parents who weren’t afraid to talk about it. Young people learn about sex from their peers or from experimentation. The older a person gets before he has experienced some kind of sexual encounter, the more ill-equipped that person will feel upon actually entering a sexual relationship.

When we feel well informed, practiced, and excited about sex, it becomes an awesome experience. We are born with all the right equipment for sex. What we need is a sort of an “owner’s manual” — a guide to help us learn, give us ideas with which to experiment, and supply the guidelines to let us know that we are on the right track.

Every couple and every sexual encounter a couple has is unique. It may not feel that way right now, but, as you begin to learn more about your sexual nature, you will begin to observe the differences each time you make love. By doing this you will have a basis from which to expand even further. Becoming conscious — but not self-conscious — while having sex is the key to having each separate experience feel new, exciting, and creative.

Each one of us is responsible for our own sexual happiness. It isn’t our lover’s responsibility. Although it is wonderful if we feel partnered with someone who wants to have sexual happiness, too.

This guide will inform you for many years to come and provide the insight and knowledge you need for a future of great sex. A long life, a healthy life, a happy life, and a great sex life all go together!

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