How does one keep a control on jealously in an open marriage?


Jealousy is the kill button for an open marriage.

It not just destroys your relationship with your partners but also your marriage. It is one of the things you should always keep at bay- not just in an open marriage but in any marriage or relationship for that matter.

Instead of going on a rant about jealousy in open marriage in general, let me address the problem as a whole.

A message to all men

Dear men,

Please do not listen to girls who say ‘having a jealous boy friend is cute’. It’s not. They think it’s cute. Because they are girls and not women yet. They are still learning.

Jealousy is an ugly that is spawned from the depths of grim insecurities. If we come back to you after all the shenanigans then that means we love you. If we sleep in your arms cuddling irrespective of whether we have had sex a few minutes ago, then that means we feel secure with you. If we tell us of our fears and worst experiences then that means we trust you. Isn’t that not reasons enough to keep those little insecurities at bay?

Open Marriage

An open marriage is indeed a test of trust. It involves a wife going on a date (and a husband doing just the same), having sexual partners and in all it’s honesty, understanding that they aren’t exclusive to each other and their loyalty isn’t just based on not bending over in front of a new man.

This trust isn’t easy to come by. It needs to looked after, cared for and tended every day. Any ego, should it creep up that tender trust, must be chopped off.

(N.B: Just because I’ve addressed doesn’t mean I’m undermining the jealousy spawned in women’s heart. It’s equally as strong. I’m merely trying to use it as a medium to communicate the idea here and in no way was I trying to demean any sex.)

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