Getting Dirty With My high school crush

great sex

OMG, how did I end up here? I was only sipping on a few cans of Heineken two hours ago, and now I have my closest friend from high school drilling my pussy and tasting my tongue with his.

Not that I’m complaining, though. From the way he’s fucking in so far, it’s not fair for me to suddenly freak out right now. But what reason would there be for me to freak out? Hmm, I think I should just enjoy the ride. This is something that doesn’t happen to me often, and God only knows what bright ideas I would have with him in the future.

Ooh, I’m about to cum.

Getting the party started

11:30 PM, it was a decent time for the party to get started.

Like any girl would, I made sure that I was wearing the most colourful skirt in the room, just so all the guys and girls would come up to me and feel how textured it was. Simran, a girl that I used to go to Uni with, invited me round for a little get together with a couple of other friends that I haven’t seen in years. Some of them were known to be your classic jocks that always pass out drunk on the kitchen counter, and some of them were people that I’ve genuinely missed.

When I started my night off with a can of Heineken in my hand, I felt two fingers tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around to see my old high-school friend, Saurabh.

The black hair, the grey sweater, the rugged jeans, and the matte Doc Martens; I don’t think he changed much since Year 10.

Like any estranged friends would, we looked at each other in shock, smiled, and chinked our drinks together to celebrate our surprise reunion. When he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and smelt the scent of my hair, I reminisced the last hug we had before we went our different ways.

He gave me one, big, massive bear hug, and lifted me up from the ground to swing me around like a carousel. It was a fun hug, a type of hug that only BFFs would do. The hug that Saurabh gave me just now was not a BFF’s hug, it was something more than that.

Going into some kind of V.I.P. room…

12:30 PM, it was a decent time for me to get a bit chatty, and let the alcohol intoxicate my blood stream.

Without realizing it, I was spending more time with Saurabh than the host that bloody invited me to her party. I noticed that she was looking at the way my old high-school friend and I were chatting, but I wasn’t surprised. I mean, 20 minutes into a conversation and he already had his hand on my lower back. Jesus Christ, he looked like a 30-year-old version of my high-school friend, even though he’s actually 26.

He still kept his hand on my back while we were talking to each other, then the music got loud, and the vibrations from the speakers started to run along my skin; it didn’t help me stay calm when the vibrations started to tingle my pussy.

I already knew that Saurabh was unimpressed with Simran`s taste in music just by the way he was drinking his beer; he looked like he was sucking on something sour. I tugged on his sleeve like a shy 13-year-old girl and his bitter face was shed away like boiled sugar.

He gently grabbed my left wrist and led me to one of Simran’s spare rooms in her penthouse apartment. Simran does senior consulting for a living. While everyone started pouring Jagermeister into each other’s mouths, Saurabh started to seduce me by reigniting my high-school crush for him.

The door only creaked for a mere second before it was locked from the inside. I still had the can of Heineken in my hand, but Saurabh cheekily snatched it out of my hand to take a sip of it after he finished his own drink.

However, he kept the malted brew in his mouth, and passed it back to me by connecting my open mouth with his. I may sound naïve, but I wasn’t really expecting something like this to happen. But in a way, I did.

C’mon, a guy who keeps touching your back and takes you to a private room in your friend’s house obviously means that he wants to fuck you. However, I didn’t say a word about it; he was my high school crush when I was 15.

I couldn’t help but feel how hot his tongue was inside me, and how softly he cupped my breast before he cheekily pinched my nipples. I bet he learned some new things during the 5 or more years of not seeing each other.

Before I knew it, he grabbed my ass as if he was reunited with his long-lost plush toy, picked me up, and placed me onto the bed to get a good view of my abs. Thank God that I didn’t have that burger in the afternoon, I would have been as bloated as an old man that suffers from sever water retention.

Piece by piece, Saurabh peeled away every piece of item on me, and unzipped his pants to reveal his thick manhood to me. He was bigger than I remembered back in high school…I accidentally went into the boys changing rooms during P.E. and caught him with his pants down. Literally.

Now, I don’t know if he’s been learning his moves from porn or not, but fuck me, he knew how to rub my clit with the length of his cock. God, it made me wetter than a sponge in a bathtub, which helped him slide his shaft inside me smoothly.

Having my high school crush on top of me

So, what is happening right now? Oh, yeah. Saurabh is fucking me. My estranged friend, my old high school crush, my doppelganger of Saurabh is fucking me right now.

Seriously, the only thing that I can see in front of me right now is his sweaty face, rock-hard pecs, and his gigantic dick sliding in and out of my cunt. The illumination from the lamp was reflecting off from his cock, that’s how wet I am right now.

Aside from the multiple waves of euphoria that are flowing from my pussy upwards, I’m trying to analyse what is happening in this room that I’m getting ravaged in. Hmm…

Besides, I’m about to cum.

Normally, it takes me at least half an hour to cum during a sex session, but fucking hell, Saurabh is rubbing my weak spots very tenderly now. Oh shit…I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!

I just came. I just came, but Saurabh hasn’t yet;

I hear something jingling from the other side of the door, and little do I know that Simran would obviously have a key for every door in her apartment. Of course, she has the keys for all of her doors, it’s her bloody apartment. And before I know it, Simran, and the rest of her college friends unlock the door and stare at me and Saurabh naked on top of each other.

This is definitely something that rarely happens to me.

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