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We are a group of young people who have explored a lot sexually. We have made mistakes and amazing discoveries related to sex over many years. With this blog, darkdesires.in, we want to share our experiences with the world and hopefully learn from our visitors too.

Our tag line is “Love your Sexuality.” We at darkdesires believe that sexuality is something very beautiful and should be embraced with love.

We hope to live up to your expectations and would love to hear from you too. Please do write to us if you have something to contribute.


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      Rahul Khanna

      No its not dead. All of us really busy right now and not able to make time for updating the website with amazing content. And thanks for bringing it to our notice that the contact page is not working. We will fix that at the earliest.

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    Hi Miera,

    Thank you published my view about your website on may 14 2019 , after seen your seriousness & helping , i want give better comment , hence request to remove the above
    secondly how can i get notification any one contact , are you communicate to my email

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    There is quality in website. All the posts are apt and enjoyable. I wish to share my experience. Its related to 3some and cuckolding.

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